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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Joint Write-In Candidates for President / Vice-President

Joint write-in candidates must file with the Ohio secretary of state:

1. A properly completed Declaration of Intent to be Joint Write-in Candidates (Form 13-A).

The declaration of intent must contain the names and signatures of both the candidate for president and the candidate for vice president. (Please note: Only candidates who have filed declarations of intent are eligible to have votes counted in the general election.); and

2. A slate of presidential electors. Joint write-in candidates must file a list of names of 20 electors who will represent them in the Electoral College, should the candidates win the general election.
(R.C. 3513.257)

Filing Fee: None.

DUE by SEPTEMBER 2, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State

Client Service Center
180 East Broad Street, Suite 103
Columbus, OH 43215

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I will still write in Ron Paul!
Now how about adding Chuck Norris for VP?