Want to be a US Presidential write-in candidate in 2008?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New York

The candidate will need to submit a “certificate of candidacy” which may be drawn up by, and must be signed by the candidate. The “certificate” must contain the following:

Name and address of presidential candidate
Name and address of vice-presidential candidate
Name and address of at least one elector

The certificate should be accompanied by, and make reference to the following:

a signed “certificate of acceptance” from vice-presidential candidate – needs to be NOTARIZED
a signed “certificate of acceptance” from at least one elector – needs to be NOTARIZED

Here are samples of the certificates of acceptance that may be used:

Sample “certificate of acceptance vice-president”

Sample “certificate of acceptance presidential elector”

DUE OCTOBER 14, 2008

Mail to:

ALBANY, NY 12207-2108

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