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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The candidate must submit the following to the Kentucky Secretary of State:

1) A “Declaration of Intent To Be A Write-In Candidate” form, which will require the following information:

a) Both President and Vice-President must sign the one form.
b) The names of
8 electors pledged to the Presidential candidate.

2) A filing fee of $50, by check made payable to “Kentucky State Treasurer”.

The form and fee are due by 4pm, Kentucky time, October 24, 2008.
The form is available by request from the Kentucky State Board of Elections: 502-573-7100

Mail white and yellow copies of the form to:

Trey Grayson, Secretary of State
Suite 148, State Capitol
700 Capitol Avenue
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-3493

Attn: Mary Sue Helm, Angela Evans, or Kim Bagwell

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