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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There are no requirements in the state of Delaware. Voters can just write in the candidate's name, and the vote will be counted.


William Dalton said...

Pray tell how a write-in vote for the office of President can be counted (except in the sense of an opinion poll). Delaware has six votes that count for President and Vice President of the United States - these are the votes of their three electors chosen by public balloting on the general election day. If you want to write in a vote that counts for anything in the Presidential race , you need to write in the names of the three fellow citizens of Delaware you want to cast your state's ballot for President.

Gail said...

Terms just modified, but not much better. Now you have to register to be a write-in, but there is no mention of the slate of electors who represent you. Perhaps if you were to include them in your registration, it might help. Probably not much though. New code now states that all write-in votes shall be tallied as "other". How interesting it will be when I win as a write-in candidate.