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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A candidate must file the following with the California Secretary of State’s Office by October 21, 2008:

1) A “Statement of Write-In Candidacy For President Of The United States” form.

2) 55 “Declaration Of Write-In Candidacy Presidential Elector” forms, each of which must be notarized.

The declarations of write-in candidacy must be filed with the Secretary of State in person or by mail. Please send your documents to:

Office of the California Secretary of State
Elections Division
ATTN: Candidates & Elections

1500 11th Street
, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please indicate on the envelope “Declaration of Write-In Candidacy.” The Declarations of Write-In Candidacy must be received by the Secretary of State no later than October 21, 2008 (E-14). § 8652


Mason said...
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Rhetro Zenberg said...

I wrote in Ron Paul here in Santa Cruz. My 18 yr old son registered Libertarian and also voted for Ron Paul as a write in.